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A story of strong, sustained growth.

Vulcan was founded in 1995 by Peter Wells with a clear vision – to become the most customer focussed and efficient metals distributor in Australasia, by delivering superior service we have grown consistently ever since.

We began by distributing carbon steel and steadily widened our portfolio to include plate processing, coil processing, stainless steel and engineering steels.

Today the diversity of products we offer and the geographic spread of our operations means Vulcan has become a key supplier to the Australasian economy. We have 29 warehousing, manufacturing, and processing facilities throughout Australia and New Zealand, employing over 800 staff, across five business divisions.

We have achieved this exceptional coverage by a combination of organic growth and acquiring existing businesses.

To ensure the company continues to succeed in the future we will continue to focus on improving the things that really matter – inventory, quality, people, and of course service. We have the management team, the motivated workforce, the infrastructure, and the ambition to keep at the forefront of the steel industry for the next 25 years and beyond.

Superior Service

Our service is the reason for our success over the past 26 years. Put simply we do it better. We are dedicated to delivering the best service in Australasia bar none. With a DIFOT consistently in the high 90’s Vulcan is a leader in the industry.

Inventory Levels

Managed to ensure high product availability.

Transport Fleet

Our own trucking fleet to enable the delivery control.

Responsive People

Empowered people capable of making decisions.

Quality Product

Material sourced with traceability.

Where youll see Vulcan

Vulcan’s range of products is so wide, that they are used in all parts of the economy, everything from the smallest components in high-technology applications to the largest infrastructure and building projects.

Health and Safety

We believe providing a safe and healthy workplace is essential.

We believe all accidents are preventable. Health and safety is a core aspect of our principles and ethos. We take a pre-emptive and highly detailed approach to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, contractors, visitors, and the public who share the roads with our trucks.

Employee Culture

A core part of our strategy is to ensure all employees are active decision-makers. Further supported by our wellness programs. Good health isn’t just physical, that’s why we believe it’s important to support the mental health of everyone at Vulcan. We are adding onsite gym facilities and supporting employees to engage with the appropriate services if they come up against mental health challenges.

Our workforce feels safe and supported, happy and relaxed, yet they are as professional and committed as anyone could wish for.

Our belief in supporting people to be the best they can be extends to the local community where we’re long-time supporters of the Victorian School of the Arts at Melbourne, and the Halberg Trust in New Zealand.


Vulcan is committed to minimising the impact our business activities have on the environment. Having conducted an independently audited ghg inventory, we have an improvement plan to minimise our carbon footprint, including solar energy and other sustainability innovations.

Experienced Leadership

Leaders have a broad base of experience and skills, covering building products and steel distribution, local and international markets, operational expertise and commercial insight. Unit leadership are supported by a senior leadership team, overseen by a Group Advisory Board.

Russell Chenu (Chairperson)

Russell held numerous finance and management roles in several ASX-listed industrial and resources companies, including James Hardie where he was CFO for 10 years until 2013. Russell is an independent director and chair of audit and risk at both Reliance Worldwide Corp and CIMIC.

Peter Wells

Peter is the founder of Vulcan and has more than 40 years’ experience (30 years in CEO roles) in the steel industry in New Zealand, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, and England.

Wayne Boyd

Wayne has previously held the position of Chairman at Telecom, Auckland Airport, Freightways, and Meridian Energy, as well as several other directorships. Wayne has been a director of Vulcan since its inception.

Rhys Jones

Rhys joined Vulcan in 2005. He has previously held several management positions within the steel industry, including an executive of EasySteel NZ and CEO of Pacific Steel and Wire Makers. Rhys was formerly the COO of Carter Holt Harvey’s Pulp, Paper and Packaging, and new ventures division at the time of the Rank Group takeover.

Carolyn Steele

Carolyn Steele is a professional director with extensive experience in capital markets, mergers and acquisition and investment management. Carolyn serves on the Board of Ultrafast Fibre, Green Cross Health, the Halberg Foundation, Oriens Capital GP 2 and WEL Networks.

Pip Greenwood

Pip was formerly interim CEO of Russell McVeagh and a senior partner at the firm, with over ten years experience on the firm’s Board including time as its Chair. Pip serves on the Board of Spark, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, The a2 Milk Company, and Westpac NZ.

Bart De Haan

Bart has 25 years of experience as a strategy consultant working with senior management and boards of top 50 companies in Australia, US, and Holland. His consulting experience spans across numerous sectors including energy, transport, resources, and building products. Bart currently holds several directorships.

Senior Leadership

Vulcan operates as a number of highly accountable units lead by capable and experienced leaders.

Rhys Jones

Rhys joined Vulcan in 2005. He has previously held several management positions within the steel industry, including an executive of EasySteel NZ and CEO of Pacific Steel and Wire Makers. Rhys was formerly the COO of Carter Holt Harvey’s Pulp, Paper and Packaging, and new ventures division at the time of the Rank Group takeover.

Adrian Casey

Adrian has worked in the steel industry in Australasia for over 40 years. He managed his own steel processing operation, which subsequently merged with Vulcan in 1998. Adrian has responsibilities for procurement as well as leading the Steel business in NZ.

Kar Yue Yeo

Kar Yue consulted to Vulcan for over 2 years before joining in 2020. He has worked in the financial markets as an analyst covering a number of sectors, including the steel industry, for over 25 years. Kar Yue held leadership roles at Jarden, Citi, and DMG across Australia, Asia, and NZ. He was an auditor for 3 years.

James Wells

James consulted to Vulcan for a period before joining our company in 2004, when he took on responsibilities for reviewing and implementing our IT systems. James has led our health and safety and group capital programme since 2012.

Brendon Chandulal

Brendon leads our Steel businesses in Australia. Prior to Vulcan, he held various leadership roles in the packaging industry including as GM at Pact Group and Visy, and as Operations Manager at Southcorp Packaging.

Matthew Lee

Matthew leads procurement in Australia. Prior to Vulcan, he had held procurement and manufacturing management roles in the packaging industry including at Propak, San Miguel Yamamura, and Cospak.

Helene Deschamps

An ICF-accredited coach, Helene is our partner resource for Vulcan's leadership team. Helene has held senior positions as a people and culture specialist in organisations including Capgemini and Carter Holt Harvey, with a focus on behaviour and culture to achieve performance outcomes.

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